My Top 10 Wedding Moments

Hi! I hope you are doing great today. Well…If you are a hopeless romantic like me, you are doing to enjoy this post. A lot of my friends are getting engaged and married in the next twelve months and with every announcement I get SUPER DUPER excited because I love weddings. I love everything about them. We have been married for 3 years now andI keep telling my husband if we could afford it, I would want to get married over and over and over again. But I will settle for renewing our vows one day if we make it past a statistically reasonable amount of time!

Of course the marriage itself is what matters most but if you can kick it off with a great start, why wouldn’t you dude? So I think my wedding kicked things off to a great start although things this not go perfectly. I will post about the screw-ups some other time, not today!

Today I am posting about my 10 favorite wedding moments. I want to thank awesome photographer Folawal for taking these photos!  There were a lot so I will be selective. Arghhh…Let me pour up some tea.  The current tea I am enjoying, is super cheap Bigelow Cozy Chamomile. Hmmmmm…! ***smacking lips***

1 – My Girls


I was extremely blessed to have these women in my life. Near or far, they have all been role models for me and were in my life at a turning point, whether they are aware of it or not.  They all have their virtues and their complexity which have brought be higher. Funny enough, we never got to this very important conversation and I feel like something was lost because of it. When you chose your bridesmaids, make sure to let them know why. If you are ever chosen to be one, ask why. I have had many role models over the year and yes, people move in and out of our lives. At that very point in time, I was so glad they were there for me.

2 – Pre-Wedding Food


Heaven! I knew I had made the right choice with these girls in my life. They brought pastries for breakfast and also ordered Portuguese chicken for lunch. It is a favorite for me because it is invariably juicy and flavourful. Do you know how many people just show up empty-handed expecting to be fed by the bride? I was so caught up in the heat of things that I did not think about food…and I ALWAYS think about food. Anyway, it was awesome fueling up on sweet and savory goodness prior to getting ready.

3 – The Crown

I had been waiting for that day so long I sound like it was 10+ years in the making while the courtship was in fact much, much shorter. But my people will understand. Putting on my crown was the finishing touch on the look I had always wanted. The mother picked my wedding dress for me and I had zero objections. It was super fit for a princess. My very good friend helped to get my dress one and ensured everything looked great.

4 - The Venue

My favorite moment was getting the venue and feeling so glad for having spent the money. There is nothing like getting your money’s worth and for me, the Windsor Montreal was worth every penny.

5 - He texted!

With a thousand thing to do, it was comforting to text back and forth with my future husband as we were getting and sharing the excitement on both sides and anecdotes about how our respective wedding parties were doing. On that day, remember to make time to talk/communicate with each other, one way or the other. It calmed our nerves and reminded us that we were still…us! …still basic…still texting! :D

6 - Our Friends

Yessss hunny! It is not just about the bride. As least not in my case. I was so excited looking around and seeing my friends looking the best I am ever seen them. To this day! Lol All smiles and happy for me. Also, it made me realize how over the years, so many of them got to know each other and built great friendships through ME. Yes, I take all the credit (…so yes, it is all about the bride after all). That moment in time was priceless and I cherish it to this day.

7 - Leaving the church service


The church service was great but I was so glad when it was OVER. It felts really long and I wasn’t really focused on the sermon. I was just sitting there thinking “Oh boy…what I am going to do with the rest of my life?!...I listened a bit…I mean…I think he said something about love being like a plant(…or a tree…bonsai maybe?) that we have to water and protect and nurture….I think! Either way I got the jist of it. I kept looking at my husband’s shoes. I do not know why…I just stared weirdly at them. I was afraid to look at our friends and family. I did not want to look up and see all these eyes on me. We should have seated with our backs to them! But it was too late, I was staring at my husband’s shoes. And then the MOMENT! Not the kiss…but when the priest said, and I paraphrase it, “you may go now!” my smile and excitement came back! I was married. We were ON. I held my husband’s hand, we walked down the aisle, and the choir started singing “Eh…My God is good oh!” and we started dancing out of the church. It was such a relief! I had not turned into dust for all my past iniquities! I was married. I felt brand new: D Pheewwww…! Now the time to party. Thank you Jesus.

8 - Enjoying some down time

Between the church service and the evening, I enjoyed some downtime with my bridesmaids in the park just chilling, talking and taking silly pictures. My husband did the same with his guys. Unforgettable!

9 - Throwing the bouquet

It is an overated and very corny tradition that I made sure to carry! What I love about wedding is the promise of love, happiness, and fruitfulness that they represent. I think we all need a bit of magic and reverie in our lives and, to me, thowing the bouquet is just sharing some of that magic. Catching it isn’t the goal, believing in the good tiding the bouquet represent is what make the moment worth living.

10 - My husband getting under my dress


In front of everyone! Boy we debated about whether or not to do it and boy it was so worth it. I mean it is a lot of fun what happens there. It is definitely a bit naughtly but we’re married now so who cares? You care! Lol…we decided to give our parents something to frown about and our friends something to talk about :)

The End! I hope you enjoyed it! What were the favorite things you loved about your wedding?